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Scott Hogan, Manager/VP
Scott Hogan Manager/VP

Christy Weagant, Escrow Officer/LPO
Christy Weagant Escrow Officer/LPO

Tracey Hendrickson, Escrow Officer/LPO
Tracey Hendrickson Escrow Officer/LPO

Melissa Hixson, Escrow Officer/LPO
Melissa Hixson Escrow Officer/LPO

Trish Sauers, Escrow Assistant
Trisha Sauers
Escrow Assistant

Jaylene Kent, Escrow Assistant
Jaylene Kent
Escrow Assistant

Gretchen Lindsey, Escrow Assistant
Gretchen Lindsey
Escrow Assistant

Rhett Hendrickson, Title Officer
Rhett Hendrickson Title Officer

Linda Lock, Title Officer
Linda Lock
Title Officer

John Ring, Title Officer
John Ring
Title Officer

Susan Diaz, Receptionist
Susan Diaz Receptionist

Makaila Dickson, Title Plant Poster/Sales Rep.
Makaila Dickson Title Plant Poster/Sales Rep.

Eric Zilm, Customer Service
Eric Zilm  Customer Service

Tiffany Lounsbury, Title Plant Poster
Tiffany Lounsbury
Title Plant Poster

Johnna Johnson, Director of Business Development
Johnna Johnson Director of Business Development